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Here is a list of some of the most common questions and answers that can help you get ready for your phone/video tax return appointment. 

Most Common Questions & Answers

Q. If I am a first time or current client, and I would like to have a discussion with my tax preparer, can we still meet?


A: Yes, if you would like to virtually meet with a tax expert, we can set up a video meeting through Skype or Facetime. During this meeting, you can discuss your tax matters such as if you were in person in the tax office.  

Q. How can I submit my documents to my tax preparer at Sodano Tax? 

A. We can conveniently assist you remotely in one or more of following ways with the same high QUALITY service you have grown accustom to: 

  • Secure File Upload with SmartVault Portal: Recently, many tax clients prefer the convenience of filing their taxes from the comfort of their home. Therefore, Sodano Tax has teamed up with SmartVault, where our clients can safely and securely send & receive information making for a clear, smooth and streamlined tax return preparation process. All current clients will be receiving a link to our new portal via email.                                                                  ***All new clients need to call our office to set up a link accordingly***

  • Physical Document Pick Up: For clients that do not have access to a fax, or a computer, we can schedule a physical pick up of your tax documents by one of our Sodano Tax associates directly from your home. An associate will be sent to your home at the time scheduled for pick up at no extra cost.

  • Fax & Mail: Some of our clients prefer the comfort & security of the old fashioned ways of doing business. For those that are less technologically equipped or for those that simply prefer to fax or mail their tax documents. Fax your documents securely at 973-433-0506.  If you decide to mail your documents, please call the office for our PO BOX address.

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